Diamonds and pizza

Just some extra ordinary days

#01 The best day from memory

It was a typical morning for Jake. He woke up at his usual time of 6:30am, had breakfast, and got ready for work. But as he was walking out the door, something caught his eye. It was a glimmer in the grass, just outside his front porch.At first, Jake thought it was just a piece of foil or something, but as he got closer, he realized it was something much more valuable - it was a gold nugget!Excitedly, Jake picked up the nugget and looked around. To his amazement, there were more gold nuggets scattered all over his back yard!Jake quickly got to work, picking up as many of the nuggets as he could. After about an hour of collecting, he had filled already a bucket with the shiny gold.But Jake wasn't satisfied. He had a hunch that there was more gold to be found, and he was determined to find it. So he got in his truck and a few friends and they started looking for more gold nuggets. Lucky them, the stuff was all over the place. They found even bigger nuggets, and they kept picking them up until his truck was almost full.By 10am rolled around, Jake and his friends had collected more gold than they had ever dreamed of.

#02 Crazy jimmy

Jake had a friend named Jimmy who was known for his wild ideas and love of smoking. Jimmy was always coming up with strange and sometimes dangerous ideas, but Jake never took him too seriously.Both were known for their love of parties and wild nights out. They were always the life of the party and could be found at the hottest clubs and hottest parties in town. But despite their love of fun and excitement, Jake and Jimmy always seemed to end up in the most unexpected places after a heavy night of partying.For some reason, they always seemed to end up wasted and find themselves in a strange locations, completely unaware of how they had gotten there. One of their most frequent waking spots was the local Gucci store. They would wake up in the morning, surrounded by luxury handbags and designer shoes.

#03 One of those noons

After a wild afternoon of drinking, Jake and Jimmy find themselves completely drunk and lost. They wander around the city, not sure where they are or what they're doing. They stumble upon a nice pizzeria and decide to go inside to get some food.Once inside, they sit down at a table and start to slur their words as they try to order some food. The employees are confused by their behavior and don't know how to handle them. Jake and Jimmy continue to drink and laugh loudly, disturbing the other customers.As their meal goes on, they become increasingly impolite and disruptive. They start to knock over chairs and tables, causing a scene in the restaurant. The manager calls the police to come and take them away.The next morning, they will wake up in a jail cell, remembering not at all what happened the night before. They are confused and embarrassed, and they vow to never get so drunk again. But deep down, they know that this is just the latest in a long string of crazy and reckless nights for them.

#04 With the monster waiter

Meanwhile, the monster waiter continues to serve things to other guests while lurking to them, ogling with a strange, knowing smile.The lurker kept lurking and they started to realize that the waiter is not just a monster, but a supernatural creature of some kind. They are both terrified and fascinated, unsure of what to do. Eventually, the manager now finally calls the police.The waiter who comes now to reconcile looks like a monster with no skin and sharp teeth. Jake and Jimmy are shocked, but they are too wasted to react. The other guests are horrified and confused by Jake and Jimmy's behavior.The situation becomes even more absurd when Jimmy stands up and tells the monster waiter to "calm down" or he will "slap his gold chain on his ass". The guests are stunned any nobody knows exactly how to react anymore.

#05 Pepe the trigger

In this very moment they both lose their memory for this night.However, Jake and Jimmy notice one of the guests who looks exactly like Pepe, the popular internet meme. They start laughing uncontrollably, and they fall to the floor in hysterics.Suddenly, Jimmy's phone starts ringing. He answers it and finds out that he and Jake have to leave immediately.They grab their things and rush out of the place, leaving the monster waiter and the other guests, that began to liquify anyways, behind. As they drive away, they try to piece together what just happened.They remember the wild party, the gold nuggets, and the monster waiter, but they can't remember anything else. They are both confused and unsure of what the future holds for them. But for now, they just have to drive as fast as they can!

#06 B-Day with the wu

The reason Jake and Jimmy had to leave was that Jimmy had planned a secret party for Jake, and the guests showed up before the planned time.The guests included the legendary hip hop group, as well as the world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, Snoop Dogg and Bob Marley. The party was filled with lively conversation and great food when they finally showed up.The Wu-Tang Clan members were excited to meet Stephen Hawking and discuss his theories on the nature of the universe. They asked him about his work on black holes and the origins of the universe, and he explained his ideas in layman's terms. Stephen Hawking was equally excited to meet the Wu-Tang Clan and learn more about their music and culture. He asked them about their creative process and how they came up with their unique sound.As the night went on, the conversation flowed freely, they shared stories, jokes, and ideas, named all together and everyone had a great time.The dinner was a once-in-a-lifetime experience fur sure. Everybody left the party feeling inspired and energized. They had made new friends and learned from each other, and they would never forget the special evening they shared.

#07 Introduction of Zoe

Jake and Jimmy, who lived in a small town, had known each other since they were kids and had always been inseparable.One day, they met a girl named Zoe who had just moved to town. She was a free-spirited girl who loved to try new things and have exciting adventures. Jake and Jimmy were immediately drawn to her adventurous spirit and they quickly became good friends.After a while Zoe introduced Jake and Jimmy to the world of psychedelics. She told them about the powerful and mind-altering effects of LSD and how it could take them to a whole new level of consciousness.At first, Jake and Jimmy were hesitant to try it, but they gave in to their curiosity. They took their first acid trip together with Zoe, and it was a life-changing experience for them. The three friends were exploring the psychedelic world together, taking acid trips on a regular basis.

#08 Acid at the Gucci store

As Jake, Jimmy and Zoe continued to indulge in their wild lifestyle, experimenting with different substances, including psychedelics, they told Zoe that they once woke up totally wasted in the nearby Gucci store. She could not believe, so they decided to go to the store although under the influence of psychedelics already again.They were so out of it that they ended up causing a scene and wreaking havoc in the store. They knocked over displays, broke expensive items, and generally caused chaos. The staff at the store were shocked and frightened by their behavior.As Jake and Jimmy continued to cause chaos, the owner showed up and tried to intervene and speak to Zoe. But Zoe was so out of it that she was unable to understand what the owner was saying. She was unable to respond to him and simply stood there, staring blankly into his face that consisted of only bloody meat and guts.Jimmy was recording the entire scene on his phone, making stupid loud noises, laughing and cheering Jake on as he crawled around on the floor. The owner of the store became increasingly frustrated and upset, but he was unable to stop Jake from continuing to cause destruction in his store.His face became so red and seemed to explode any second. Jimmy was in fear and finally pushed his friends out of the store. They had a wild lifestyle that was getting out of hand.

#09 An extra ordinary day

As Jake stepped out into the sunshine, he could see a beautiful pink unicorn waiting for him in the back yard. Its mane and tail were flowing in the gentle breeze, and its eyes sparkled with excitement. He walked over to the unicorn and placed his hand on its soft, velvety neck.As he climbed onto its back, he felt a sense of wonder and magic washing over him. The unicorn began to trot forward, and soon they were galloping through a beautiful, enchanted forest. The trees were tall and majestic, and the air was filled with the sound of birds singing. As they rode, he felt the wind rushing through his hair and the sun warming his face. It was the most amazing feeling in the world.They rode for what seemed like hours, exploring the forest and discovering all its secrets. They climbed over hills and crossed streams, and at one point, they even flew up into the sky. The view was breathtaking, and he felt like he was on top of the world. As the sun began to set, the unicorn brought him back home to where they had started.He dismounted and gave the unicorn a hug, thanking it for the most incredible day of his life. He knew that he would never forget this magical adventure and was sure that this was an extra ordinary day.

#10 Their moment of truth

Jake, Jimmy, and Zoe decided to go to a festival together to chase their own demons in a drug-induced haze and get lost in the maze. They had heard about the festival from their friends, who had raved about the wild parties, the intense music, and the free-flowing drugs. As they arrived at the festival, they could feel the energy in the air. The festival was packed with people, all of whom were eager to let loose and have a good time. They quickly joined in, taking whatever they could get their hands on and dancing to the music until they were lost in a fresh baked cloud of feelings. As the night wore on, they became more and more lost in their own thoughts.As they wandered through the festival, they stumbled upon a group of people who were part of the web3 movement. This was a group of individuals who believed in using technology to create a more decentralized and autonomous society. Intrigued by the idea, Jake, Jimmy, and Zoe joined them and spent the rest of the night discussing their beliefs and visions for the future. Despite their sacred trip, they felt a sense of purpose and connection that they had never experienced before.As the sun began to rise, Jake, Jimmy, and Zoe realized that they had found a new community and a new way of thinking that resonated with them. They knew that they would never be the same again and they were grateful to have found a new sense of meaning in their lives.

#11 She's a good sport

As known, Zoe was a wild and adventurous spirit, always looking for the next thrill.One day, she convinced Jake to join her on a daring mission: to steal horses from the circus that had come to town. They waited until nightfall, when the circus was closed and the performers were fast asleep. Then, they snuck into the tent where the horses were kept and carefully selected two of the finest specimens and named them Leonardo and Michelangelo, after their favorite renaissance artists.But just as they were about to make their getaway, a security guard appeared out of nowhere, brandishing a gun. They were terrified, but Zoe's quick thinking saved the day. She grabbed the reins of Leonardo and Michelangelo and they rode off into the night, galloping towards the dawn.They rode with the wind in their hair and the thrill of adventure coursing through their veins. When they were finally back home, they were exhausted but exhilarated. They had stolen two horses from the circus, and they had gotten away with it.They looked at each other and grinned, knowing that this was an extra ordinary day.

#12 Bling for the horses

Their adventure wasn't over yet. They still had to get a horse for their friend Jimmy, who had been eager to join in on the fun. So, the next day, Jake and Zoe set out to find a third horse for Jimmy.They searched high and low, but it wasn't until they came across a small, run-down farm that they finally found the perfect horse. Jimmy was overjoyed when Jake and Zoe presented him with the horse. He named it Rusty.But Jake and Zoe weren't done surprising Jimmy yet. Along with the horse, they also presented him with a set of gold chains for all three horses. Jimmy was shocked by the gift and couldn't believe his eyes. The chains were beautifully crafted and sparkled in the moonlight. But as he looked closer, he realized that the chains weren't made of gold at all – they were covered in thousands of yellowish diamonds.The horses were delighted with their new bling, and they pranced around proudly, showing off their dazzling necklaces to anyone who would look. Jake, Zoe, and Jimmy were the happiest they had ever been. They rode their horses through fields and forests, feeling free and wild. And with the new diamonds shining brightly around their horses necks, they knew that nothing could stop them now.This was truly an extra ordinary day.

#13 San Pedro's Soup

The adventure took a turn when they stumbled upon a group of men in the forest. The guys were smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and they had a stash of illegal drugs with them.As they walked by, one of them called out to them and asked if they wanted to join in on the fun. Jimmy was not hesitant He saw this as an opportunity to experience something new. So he quickly accepted the offer and started smoking and drinking.The men offered them a bowl of soup, which they gratefully accepted. As they ate, they started to feel a strange sensation. The world around them began to blur and they started to see things that weren't there. Jimmy saw a giant snake slithering through the trees, while Zoe saw a group of fairies dancing in a clearing. The men seemed to be unaffected, but they continued to offer them more soup, urging them to eat.The hallucinations intensified.The men pulled out a bag of marijuana and rolled a few joints, passing them around to each other and their horses. Rusty, the newest member of their group, seemed a little hesitant at first, but after a few puffs, he was happily munching on hay and enjoying the ride.

#14 The Fly on the wall

To the day, thirty three years after Jimmy came out of the vagina of his mother, they made the decision to go to the nearby swimming spot to escape the sweltering summer heat. It was a fucked up swimming bath with architecture from the 1970s, a small yellow slide and partly surrounded by trees. Already drunk since the morning, Jake dove into the water and lounged there for hours, relishing the delightful feeling of the chilly liquid against his skin.As the afternoon progressed, Jimmy shifted up a gear and started to feel the effects of not just the alcohol he had consumed. The rotatory nasal shots of LSD and ketamine that he had taken rushed into his system. The combination of these drugs and alcohol was starting to reveal its intoxicating magic.Even though he felt a bit dizzy and was close to the peak, Jake and his friends took turns soaking in in the warm whirlpool and the sauna, sipping on cannabis-infused spirits and smoking joints. Jimmy found some mushrooms that had been soaked in water in his swimsuit pockets, gave some to Zoe and ate the rest, causing him to experience vivid hallucinations, seeing bright colors and ornaments in the water.Zoe also started to trip. She saw swirling patterns in the air that seemed to merge with the blurry people and surroundings. All until a duck appeared and charmingly convinced her to strip naked and experience the freedom of being alive. The shimmering duck commanded her to show off her breasts so she walked over to the edge of the pool and dropped her towel, exposing her boobs to everyone while doing some bizarre looking dance moves. Some of the guests cheered and applauded, while others looked away awkwardly.At around 4:20pm, Jimmy sat at the poorly decorated kiosk under one of the pink white turquise striped parasols, feeling like he needed to clear his head. He placed a line of cocaine on the plastic table, snorted it and felt a sudden surge of energy. He laughed into the embarrassed facial expressions of the other guests and didn't give a fuck at all.Heavily intoxicated, Jake and his friends decided to leave the venue, get some food and then head to a nice spot near the airport before going to the club. They stumbled out of the building and made their way towards the car, not paying much attention to their surroundings, except Jake. Jake had been paranoid for hours and was now seeing strange shapes and figures that weren't really there.Man, they have been tripping!Jimmy's head was spinning as he climbed into the car, feeling like a motherfucker in some sort of dreamlike state. He closed his eyes, trying to steady himself, but the movement of the car only made him feel worse. The little gap between his heavy lids made him suggest that they were driving on a winding road, surrounded by fields of tall grass and little flying unicorns everywhere.He began to sing along and his voice slurred and his words garbled.Jimmy's hallucinations became even more intense with the music in the car. Big pupils detected patterns in the sky and heard singing virgins to old western film music all around him. He felt like he was floating outside of his body, disconnected from reality and he thought what a fucking extra ordinary trip.

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